Monday, October 10, 2011

Poo Poo Fart

   My mom asked if I had seen "Brides Maids" the other day and asked what I thought about it. I saw while I was in Abu Dhabi and I went without Ryan.
   During the movie I sat next to a couple of Arabic men, dressed in robes. The theater was packed, I believe that it was the opening of the movie, which was much later than in the states. It was loud because they don't turn off their phones, in fact if their phone rings they will answer it and say they are in the theater.
   This is an American comedy being shown to Arabian Muslims. At one part of the movie there was a racist joke made towards them, probably when they were on the plane and it totally went over their heads. I was too scared to laugh at it but then there were other jokes that apparently you would only get if you were American...
   When it came down to it they really only laughed at the food poisoning scene. Poopy fart jokes, classic. My mom said that when she had her Japanese friends visit that they only understood fart jokes too. It makes me wonder how funny a fart machine might be over there, or even a woopy cushion.
   Overall I think my experience with "Brides Maids" was made more funny with the audiences reaction. I still have nightmares about the food poisoning scene. Ewwwww.

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  1. Rewatch it... but not as a comedy. Watch it as a movie about women's relationships. That's the way NPR explained it and I adore it.