Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trying To Sleep.

   Right my mom is snoring in my ear with the television on. It's showing commercials on different "as seen on tv" kinds of products, the kinds of things I used to pitch. I realize that I will most likely not be able to sleep and after seeing the commercial I decided that I would go down memory lane.
   I have been visiting with a lot of people that I have been in touch with over Facebook and for one reason or another most people don't know about the job I had after graduating. I was a professional pitchman, like the shamwoo guy only on much less drugs. I had that job for over a year and it was a growing experience that I would not change.
   I traveled all over to different fairs and shows, setting up and talking to people until I lost my voice. Gambling on my own skills to get paid and learning how to take care of my own money. It was a pretty hard to have so much responsiblity and freedom at such a young age but it opened my eyes to things I wouldn't have seen otherwise.
   Also I just wanted to throw this out there, I am a human and my body probably does the same embrassing things your does so if you want to talk about something without being judged feel free to call me up. I always found it very easy to raise my hand in class and ask the teacher about something I didn't understand and often found that others would thank me for doing so since they were not brave enough to admit not knowing.
   If you don't believe that other people think the same things or have the same problems you do, watch late night infomercials on products. So far tonight I have seen a product to make you taller, for you and your partner to have better orgasms and a belly wrap to make your stomach flatter. They didn't have anything like this on tv in Abu Dhabi. I guess they just don't have those problems over there.
   As another side note to this blog, I wanted to share how excited I am about a food processor that I just bought for a smoking hot deal at Target. It was $35 marked down from 59.99! It was marked wrong but they gave it to me anyway. I can't wait to make pizza dough and then tomato sauce and then slice up veggies for a pizza all with one machine! Definitely happy I went with the food processor rather than a stand mixer.

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