Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loaded Baked Potatoes

    Tonight's dinner will feature my favorite ingredients of all time; butter, garlic, and bacon, the chosen delivery vessel will be an equal favorite, the potato. I have never done what I am doing as we speak however, I am fully confident that it will not go wrong.

    Firstly, I washed some russet baking potatoes and then got out my bacon strips and wrapped them like tatters in a pig blanket. I added some pepper that I had stolen from the breakfast buffet at the hotel and some crushed garlic cloves, thats it.

    Next I wrapped those babies up in some aluminum (British pronunciation) foil nice and tight.

Side note: this looks good enough to tattoo on my body. NOM
   Then I stuck them in the crock pot on high for the next six hours I guess. I super enjoy crock pot cooking because it seems that you just can't mess it up.

     I am going to top these off with crispy bacon, green onions, cheese, butter and yogurt (have to be healthy somewhere).  Also, one more side note, I made a pumpkin cheesecake in the crock pot for Thanksgiving, it turned out great! I cooked it on high for six hours but I think five would have been better. Try it out with any cheesecake recipe you have.

End result after six hours was some tasty caramelized garlic cloves and the entire hotel hallway smelling like garlic. 


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