Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If you ask me what I'm doing tonight...

     I'll reply that I am staying home! Finally I don't have to plan outfits for a weekend at my parents or wonder where I will be sleeping. This is such a relief because I havent slept well since thanksgiving. Also I don't think my stomach can take anymore fast food.
     How wonderful it will be to live out normal every day tasks again. I can go to the store whenever I feel like, not limited by lack of car or need to fill a kitchen. Just think, me cooking again! It's only been nine months since I last used my kitchen.
      I am so excited that I am literally losing sleep over which store I plan on going to first, thoughts of washing the dog and what coupons to print. You know you have over done the traveling when you get excited about seeing your vacuum cleaner again, not that it isn't a great vacuum.
      Oh, what a house wife I have become.

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