Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Weeny Memorial.

      Oscar, I will always remember the day Mom and I picked you up to take you home. It was something like what you might expect from a heart warming movie trailer. I didn't want you because I thought a Dachshund was a wire-haired breed that looked something like Toto, so naturally I figured you would be an ass.

     But when I saw that you were just a tiny little weenier dog I instantly fell in love. You were barely taller than the grass that you were hoping around in and I could fit you both of my hands. I have to admit that I didn't catch on right away why your name was Oscar, because we didn't name you, I just figured it was because of Oscar the Grouch, which made perfect sense.
     Because you loved trash and were really grouchy if we tried to wake up or get you out from under the covers. That you burrowed was one of my most favorite things about you, I had never had a dog want to sleep in my bed with me until you came along and you have changed the way I feel about dogs forever.

     I lots of great memories of you and I will never forget you. I am so sorry that you suffered before you went but hope that now you may rest in peace without anyone bothering you with their feet.


  1. This kills me....i love you Oscar

  2. Oh no...its the saddest thing to lose any animal family member..but a dog becomes truly essential to the people who love them. Im so sorry you've lost Beautiful Oscar , but im happy hes not suffering, as you said he was,anymore. I hope hes running or burrowing away in a heavenly contentment until you are all reunited one day in that better place. I remember all my pets iv lost and I treasure all the great memories and good times tgey brought to my life...my two dogs iv got now are 8yrs and 6yrs old...my oldest Guinness (guin) is a large half doberman half Staffordshire Bull terrier male , the other a white Staffordshire Bull terrier female. Iv no idea what life expectancy the mixed breed has but staffies are roughly 12yrs. I hate to think about losing them to old age ...all we can do is love and care for them as best as we can . Im very sure Oscar had a wonderful life full of love and joy. Pick Beau up for a cuddle when u feel sad .. and talk to Oscar cos I bet hes not too far in spirit . Xx.