Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Baby!

      So I just got to thinking about when a guy gives you a complement are some things said better than others? Like do I really want a guy to complement my eyes or is that just something I have heard over and over in movies as being a good thing and therefore when it does happen I think I should automatically like it?
      The truth be told, I am not so fond of being complemented on my eyes because chances are if I were to ask that same person over the phone what color are my eyes, they would answer wrong. My eyes are tricky, they are mostly green but they have a brown circle around the middle which unfortunately makes them look brown most days. So unless its my eye make up I am being complemented on. Because shit, I work really hard on my eye make up and I invested a lot of money into it.

       One time while visiting the south, I stopped at a Popeyes Chicken in a some what run down part of town, not thinking anything about it, I went in. The entire staff and cliental were thick accented black people. Being that I was really young and had lived in Idaho my whole life, this was a bit of a culture shock.
        I observed every person order red beans and rice and either orange soda or sway ta, as I was waiting for my food. I was totally swayed and changed my side order to the red beans and rice and as I did it, this man standing alone, waiting for his order asked, or rather yelled, "MMMhmm, you like them red beans and rice don't cha? Got some thighs on you!" Not understanding what just happened, I just smiled and nodded and I am sure blushed more than ever in my life.
       I still am not sure wether or not that was a complement or a statement but being that he comes from a culture where big booty bitches are often the subject of good conversation and also in many lyrics, I think that it was his way of saying, I have nice legs, or thighs, he did specify. I have never been complemented on my thighs before, and actually I wish that I had gotten more complements on them. That black man at Popeyes was a really nice guy and I hope that his red beans and rice and orange soda where the best he had ever had.
       So really are the generic everyday romance movie complements the best or are the ones that almost make you wonder if you should be offended are?

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