Friday, January 20, 2012

That Felon...

    Fucking Martha Stewart! Today I came across a, "daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning list" on pinterest. I re-pinned it to help remind myself of the things that I may have or may not be neglecting to clean in my own home.  Turns out I am pretty much good on the daily and weekly check lists since I have made my own but apparently you are suppose to wash things like pillows and clean out your oven!
    I stopped reading after I got through the monthly list, it disgusted me knowing that as much as I work and try to stay on top of this shit, I am always going to be ten steps behind Martha Stewart! Her list makes mine list look like it needs to be cleaned! So basically I am pissed that I can't be more like Martha, Martha, Martha and I am deep cleaning my house.
     Damn it I love that whore...

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