Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wearing My Boyfriend's Clothes

    I found this video on the youtube with ways to turn a mens shirt into a dress. I really liked it and was super excited to try it out for myself until I read the comments which included people saying things like, "I have two problems, boobs" and "If only I didn't have boobs..." Damn, I often find myself saying this and it seems to always keep me out of the cutest bras, button up shirts and certain necklines. Never the less, I persist and try for a better version of what the skinny, no titty model is wearing.
     Since my boyfriend and I are roughly the same size I only have his size small shirts to work with on my size large frame. Which means I only have enough material to make a top and not a dress like the model in the video shows. I came up with a kind of cowl neck halter top. The buttons are in the back, which I think is really cute because you can leave them unbuttoned and show a little more back, if you are so daring. The back of the shirt has become the front and the folded collar is your modesty neckline and then you tie the arms around the back of your neck. So it will leave loose material for your boobs to fit in and create a cowl neckline. I absolutely love it.

      Of course you could always just go and get a bigger shirt but what's the point if its not your own boyfriends?  Here is the video that inspired me, I hope it does the same for you.

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