Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best BLT EVER!

   I am a woman, therefore I know how to make a sandwich. So take my word for it when I say this is the best BLT sandwich that ever existed, hands down. It may take you a little more work than the classic BLT but really its just a couple changes and a few additions.

      Avocado, tis the season.

     Totally not necessary but I thought a spoonful of the bits and grease from the bottom of the pan would make a nice addiction to my avocado.

       The other addition is turkey, a subtle sweet addition to the salty bacon. And the key ingredient is homemade ranch, it must be homemade, no substitutes.

       Stack it all up on some toasted whole wheat bread and there you have it, the best sandwich in the world. Some other welcome additions would be thinly sliced red onions and brussel sprouts rather than lettuce, but really its amazing the way it is. Enjoy this sandwich with a red beer, 3/4 beer (preferably a wheat) and 1/4 tomato juice.


  1. You are my hero! Im so glad you're my friend!! This sammich has D-fucking-licious written all over it!!!

  2. What is Ranch? And what are you doing with the Avocado? Im Irish so please forgive my ignorance ..its obviously some kind of relish or sauce , but please explain for us across the water . This looks divine. in bed recovering from a bad flu and you've just restored my appetite gal!!

    1. I am the ignorant one! I knew that Europe didn't have ranch dressing. I lived in Abu Dhabi for a summer and Germany as well and I craved it so much. But anyway to answer your question, ranch is a salad dressing and dip. It is mayonnaise and buttermilk based and flavored with onion, garlic, dill, parsley and chives. It is truly devine and comes on almost everything around here. I hope you recover quickly.

  3. Thanks sounds wonderful! You really do appear to have such a greater selection of wonderful , ready made food stuffs in the states. Im always gobsmacked when I hear things like pureed pumpkin. .lol...I would search the south of England and never find that ! Were lucky to see Pumpkins around Halloween time and thats it . We certainly dont have the variety on hand that you do , its a little better now that we have European stores here , but I gotta say that the you definitely have us beat hands down in the alternative availability stakes. Im giggling here to myself just picturing the look id get ,from the kids working in Tescos, if I asked where to find the Pureed Pumpkin! Lol. Its still , in general, a very Fish n chips attitude in our supermarkets .. ;-).

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