Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New pictures from the house

     We did our final walk through today and finally got to see the house without all of sellers furniture and personal items in it. It really felt like our own place and I was able to let loose. One recurring theme that Ryan and I seemed to both notice was how big the house felt, it is really, really big. Of course that might be because it doesn't have any furniture in it and all of our stuff is out of the cupboards and closets in boxes surrounding us in our small condo... But even the backyard, the patio and the garage felt larger.

   So this is the fire place there are outlets in the mantel which I hadn't noticed before and its really deep for your tv and cords and all of that good stuff. Built in entertainment center, nice.

     I hoped into the bath tub, it was HUGE! I mean look how deep this tub is and there is room for my legs and wide hips haha.

      The closet felt larger, plus I hadn't noticed the shoe rack before. Like if I needed to, I could put a twin bed in here.

     This is the shower, its really tall. We also noticed that as well as having a bench, there are built in shelves on the side.

      My kitchen's spice rack.

      And the trash cans, I love those.

      The front door, the double doors are going to be really nice for moving day. Also, please note the reflection in the window of the closed door, thats my view, when the field grows in its cotton <3

      The goofy couple and their new home. I can't wait to close and for moving day! It's going to be awesome!


  1. just found ur blog!! loving all our stories and recipes!!!! congrats on the new house!! so exciting!!
    Will be back to check out more stuff!!

  2. Lol. I got chuckle out of that. One time when my boyfriend Ryan left overseas for work, I watched the entire series of " that 70's show" because it was on Netflix. I found myself thinking of the characters outside of the show and thinking of what they might think about and say. I would relate them to my own life and situations. I know that was just a typo but I hope the stories are relatable.