Monday, July 4, 2011

I Give Up.

   You can get just about anything delivered in Abu Dhabi. Your laundry, groceries, and of course, food. Delivery is really offered anywhere and everywhere. All you have to do is call them up and place your order. The problem that I face however, is language barriers.
   Ryan is gone most of the day and usually gets home right before things close so getting meals delivered from outside the hotel just makes sense. Apparently no one in any of Abu Dhabi's restaurants has any idea where the Intercontinental is? It's the huge building with the giant "I" on it.

   Oh yeah, that one. I have tried a couple times to call for delivery, I usually just give up after about five minutes of asking for them to repeat what they just said and end up hanging up. I figure that there is absolutely no way that they are going to get my order right even if they do manage to make it to the right place.
   Lately I have been seeing this advertisement for a one delicious looking food thing in a box, I didn't know what it was because I had only seen it will driving past it at night, plus its in Arabic. While watching tv I saw it in a commercial for PizzaHut!

   It's called the Mighty Variety and it serves 6, so way too big but I still wanted it! Ryan could take the left overs to work and I could get supreme and he can get whatever it is he likes. We tried to go to pizza hut after he was off of work and it was closed. What pizza place closes at 2AM? So if I wanted it I would have to make the call.
   The plan was made, we knew what we wanted and I had the hotels address, phone number and money. I called and the guy asked for my area code, shit. This is the hotels phone number +971 2 666 6888, please, if you can pick out the area code, HELP ME because its not 971... The guy got so frustrated with me that HE hung up!
   The pizza guy hung up on me because I could not understand him. All I wanted for the Fourth of July was a freaking pizza and he hung up. My country freaking invented that pizza!
   I guess I will go and get chicken shawarma. It's a local dish, kind of a like a gyro, but made of chicken and served with fresh mint leaves and hummas.

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