Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things You Can Freeze

     From a little experience of my own I have found that some things freeze better than others and some things were a drunken mistake and you should just move on. Okay well here are a couple things that can and can't be frozen.

   Good to freeze

  1. Washed sliced mushrooms. I find it very convenient when making omelets and pizzas to have sliced mushrooms on hand always. 
  2. Berries! Great for fruit salad, yogurt and hot cereal, as an extra bonus it cools down your cereal just right. 
  3. Shredded cheese. Buy it in bulk or on sale and freeze what you don't use. 
  4. Vegetable scraps. Keep the peels and tops of scrap vegetables in a freezer bag then later on make stock out of them, you can freeze the stock as well. 
  5. Alfredo sauce. 
  6. Cakes. Make a cake in May eat it in September, it will taste just as moist, just make sure to wrap it in clear wrap then foil. 
  7. Left over Thanksgiving turkey. Wrap your left over meat in foil then store it in a freezer bag to keep off freezer burn. 
  8. Grapes. They are delicious grape popsicles, but don't expect them to unfreeze well. 
  9. Minced garlic. Buy bulk garlic, put it in your food processor and store it in a freezer bag, break off a chunk whenever you need it. 

Do Not Freeze

  1. Potato soup. I do and have done it a couple times but it will come out grainy. 
  2. Yogurt. Unless you are looking to have a tasty frozen treat don't try to unthaw your frozen yogurt. It gets a grainy texture and will loose its creamy thick texture. 
  3. Eggs. hehe forgot about that boiled egg I wanted to cool off quickly. 
  4. Beer. BIG mess. 
  5. Lettuce, but everyone probably already knew that. 

The amount seen in the food processor makes a substantial amount more than pictured in the Mason jar.

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