Tuesday, February 21, 2012


      We may get to go back to Germany, I hope we do, there are a lot of things that we did while we were there that I would like to do differently. The last time was kind of spere of the moment and not well planned. Mainly I would like to brush up on my French a bit more and give Paris some more time than we did.
      When we decided to take the weekend to go to Paris, well we didn't book a hotel room and we ended up having to stay in Versaille. After eating the most amazing breakfast in the world, fresh chocolate crissants, we asked where the palace was, I am really surprised the guy didn't laugh in our faces when we asked if we needed our car. We drove there, which was a mistake because it was only a couple blocks away and we waited for a parking spot for an hour. Then we stood in line for an hour just to find out that American citizens are suppose to stand in a different line first... FUUUUUUUCK. Our entire day was exactly like that and I blame the car. Really I do, don't drive to Paris unless you are going to spend a week site seeing.

I know you can't tell but those are "lines"

      The places that we enjoyed ourselves at the most were places that we found just while driving. Not having any idea what to expect or what to go see. Like when we found this old church, called Notre Dame.

     Brussels was my favorite place that we visited and it was again, totally spur of the moment. We woke up that morning and thought, "how about Belgium waffles for breakfast?" So we did eat waffles, and chocolate and beer. We went to a beer store, they had more than one and the store was filled with beers from top to bottom, totally overwhelming but we found a book in the store and purchased what they had suggested.

      Actually just all of western Europe was great, yeah, all of it. But if I had to pick just one country to stay in, I would pick Germany and here is why.

The gardens

The strawberries taste better
Nothing goes to waste

Hard work

The history

Because around every corner you find something like this.
The nature

And there are castles

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