Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Great Burger Tax


      Quickly I would like to jot down a couple thoughts I have about how universal healthcare might work for the United States. I, myself am not for it because I know that a lot of the people who are for it, are exactly the type of people that would abuse government help. Like welfare, unemployment and food stamps, all really great ideas that were meant to help our people in times of need, and not be a form of income....
      I have visited other countries that have healthcare, I have also visited countries that don't believe in welfare checks. In the UAE, they will give anyone any job to care for the poor. They have people who literally sweep the streets with brooms. Women who sit in the bathroom just to fill the toilet paper twice a day. It might not sound like a glamorous job but these people are not going hungry and they are doing a job that is suited to their abilities. Not dealing drugs, getting their nails done every week, new tattoos and still collecting $800 in food stamps because they don't know how they got pregnant five times...
      The only way I see healthcare working is by taking away freedoms. Specifically the right to choose what we eat and I hate to say it but have children. Maybe not as bad or extreme as China, like not a limit on children but more of who is allowed to have children.
      I see fast food becoming a controlled substance. Seriously though, when I have visited other countries, I always try their McDonald's because I am curious how it differs from what the true American version, if at all. McDonald's in different countries isn't as greasy and it tastes more fresh like a burger made from 85/15 ground beef and I have to admit, I like it a lot better.  Germany's McDonald's is amazing plus they have beer.
      But what if the American people don't like fresher, less greasy food? I think eating fast food will be a lot like the process of buying certain allergy medicines. You will have to present your id and it will go in a computer check base and if you are over your limit then you will be denied the sale.
      The burger check will be denied to everyone with high cholesterol and diabetics.  What if obese people were required to exercise as a form of parole? Easy meals would disappear from the shelves and frozen sections in the grocery store. Our children would have and learn all the precautionary steps to take to avoid totally avoidable diseases.
        Just some ideas I had, although I seriously doubt fast food corporations, drug companies and doctors will let any of that happen so don't worry too much fatties. No one is going to take away your cigs and start taxing your burgers.