Thursday, March 15, 2012

In The Dog House Now

     I am completely obsessed with pinterest these days, I believe it takes up more of my time than facebook... So if you haven't noticed already, I would like to call attention to my new "pin it" button that I added to my blogs all by myself, big moment for me.
      There are a couple of big changes that my little family is going through, one being that we are moving! We will be moving in to a house with a dream kitchen, a back yard for Beau and a garage for Ryan. The other big change, Beau is now sleeping on the floor instead of in our bed... I know, I am a sick person.
      Beau sleeping under the bed is not a problem at our condo because we have carpet but at the new house there is only hardwood so I decided I should make Beau a bed. I started my search and found lots of distressed painting tutorials on pinterest. I decided that finding a used side table would be my best option for the new dog bed.

      So Ryan and I found this hexagon side table for $8 at the Salvation Army. I liked the idea of an enclosed area for Beau because I think he likes to hide. After we shaved Beau on top of this table, I started to take it apart, taking off the two doors and then filling in the hole with wood filler.

     Then I painted it with the left over paint from my bathroom and aged it with a light wash of a mustard yellow and browns. I really love how the color turned out.

     Next I made a pillow and stuffed it with all of the plastic bags I had saved up, I still have more...

      As a last and final attempted to get my dog inside of his new house I went out and bought him a zoom and mounted it on his wall, it didn't work, he prefers the couch...

       At least I got a pretty side table out of it all.

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