Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is most important?

     We recently moved into a much larger house and we need furnishing but with buying a house comes paying a mortgage and budgeting so everything can't be bought at once. Oh and did I mention that I have to buy all of the furniture, that was the deal made, Ryan pays the mortgage, I buy everything else. I literally bring home the bacon, as the grocery bill has now become my responsibility too.
    Groceries, gas, furniture and all of the other additional costs of moving into a house, like light bulbs and batteries, I swear those two things will be the death of my paycheck. I am not complaining, I am just trying to paint a picture for you. I work at Target and bring home about $300 to $400 dollars every two weeks, okay, I guess I have a reason to complain on that kind of budget.
     I hope it is clear to you now that I can't afford to buy everything we need at once, or even every month. I have finally come up with a much needed budget for myself which is $100 dollars every week to spend on my bills (grocery, gas) but as of right now I am nine days away from my next paycheck and I have $8 dollars left in the budget. So either this is an unrealistic budget or I can't spend $75 of my budget on clothes and an ereader... But I mean tell me, could you say, "No." to a $35 Sony Ereader?


      Yeah, that's what I thought. So I will try harder to not impulse buy but it is really hard when I work at my favorite store, it is constantly reminding me of things I need or want to buy for my house. So I am going to make a list now and I want you to tell me what is most important, I will also give a brief description of why we need it because that might make it eisier for you to give me an opinion plus maybe you have done this before. Oh did I mention I haven't bought furniture before? Did I have to?

    Garden: I would like to build a raised garden box and the materials and dirt will set me back about $200, maybe a little less but I don't count on it. I need one because I have already started my garden and they want to be in the dirt, really bad. I also need some basic garden supplies like a knee pad, gloves and pruning sheers.

      Counter top chairs: For the kitchen island. Dear lord the seating situation in the kitchen is really bad. My antique table broke on moving day so we dont have a table to sit at with our chairs. It is really annoying eating standing up.

       Patio seating:  We need a patio set with a table, ideally. I would like black rocking chairs for the front porch but I am open to other things like a bench or something colorful. The back porch is kind of long and narrow, so I don't believe a table with seating on every side would be ideal.

Tropitone Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

      Dining Room: I want a hutch to display my dishes but think I also want a buffet because I can see me using it a lot. Also a dining room table would be good.

  I think that I answered my question by writing this, wow, thanks self. But if anyone has input I would like to hear it, I really haven't done this before and don't know where to look for furniture.

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  1. Craigslist!!!! :) You have seen my house and plenty of our things were from there! :)