Friday, August 31, 2012

Ima Douche Bag Dinner.

    Ryan bought me an extra fridge for the garage so I have a place to put our beer and copious amounts of bacon that I buy in bulk from costco, I freaking love him. We bought it from our friend who needed it gone since she was moving and down sizing. All I had to do was get it to my house, and there lies the problem...
     All week I tried to find someone who could help me, someone with a truck, someone with a trailer, someone like my neighbor. I hesitated to ask, I wanted to just you know, mention it in passing or something casual like that.
     So first I mowed my lawn, the whole thing and he didn't show. The next day I tried pruning my hedges and I saw him but he was in a hurry so I just waved. Then he decided to mow his lawn and I had to tried really hard not to look like I was watching and waiting to ask. When I finally did he said yes, and only asked that I rent an appliance dolly, not so bad.
      The fridge was in my friends garage and it was going into my garage, simple move, not bad at all. What I failed to mention however, was that Nina had boxes and a couch (hide-a-bed)  and few more random items in front of the fridge, which was in the far corner of the garage. HA!
       I have to make them an amazing dinner,"I am a douche bag dinner". How and where do I start? Humble pie? Guilt free chocolate? Is there such a thing?

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