Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Tori And I Am A Pumpkin Addict.

       When it comes to pumpkins, I gotta have it. I love the moist texture it gives to dessert and foods. Its perfect for making breads, cakes, pies, soups, pastas and my all time favorite, beers. It really has no limitations. I am not a huge fan of sweets but I still like them, let me put it this way, I enjoy cake without frosting, pie crusts without out the filling haha. I am a half sweet/half unsweetend tea kind of gal.

        Appart from it being my favorite food add in, its also my favorite color. In our condo I have two rooms painted shades of pumpkin (pumpkin butter and pumpkin toast), solely for the fact that, "pumpkin" were in the names of the paint color. Oh and my Les Creuset French oven, the color is "pumpkin." Oh and nail polish, I love orange nails too.

        Then the scents, it is spicy, my very favorite. I enjoy nutmeg and pumpkin scents are one of the very few scents that actually has nutmeg in it. I have hand soaps, body wash and lotions. Candles, scented oils, air fresheners, and waxes. I stock up when Bath and Body Works has their semi-annual sales online and then again when they are switching scents over to Winter in the stores. It's really pretty insane...

     I don't exactly know what pumpkins sound like but fall sounds like family, and friends getting together and having great conversations. Everyone talking about how excited they are about the new boots and sweaters they get to wear, the yummy spices they get to eat and smell. Cool days. I might be stretching this last sense... It sounds like me, trying to convince everyone on the internet that I am not crazy because I can justify why I NEED pumpkin all the time.

     I am just a pumpkin enthusiast, it gets my senses going.

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  1. My name is also Tori and I am a pumpkin and Diet Pepsi addict. :)