Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cotton Field Family Photos.

    It's fall and the cotton is high, white and beautiful. The first time I saw cotton, I was 18 and I almost drove off the road because I saw what I thought was a field of snow on fire. It really is a magical memory, one of my favorites about Alabama.
    I know that my family has not seen it either so I decided that we needed some family photos in front of the cotton fields before it was harvested. I borrowed my neighbor and some crazy person left a Canon ESO 60D at my house so that is what we used. Beau didn't cooperate for most of the photos but we got a few good ones.


  1. Oh im very jealous of those cotton fields! ! You are so cute in these pics , loving the long hair! ! You're a lovely couple obviously very much in love , , thanks for sharing these pics. I really like you and am loving this blog.