Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dog Been Peeing On Your Area Rug?


         Lately my dog has been peeing on this one rug in the living room. The rug is wool and cream colored so I don't ever see it unless I walk over in socks or when it has dried and the house gets a little warm so I can smell it. I really am getting sick of my bad dog and his pee pants.

        Maybe he pees on my carpet because I dress him like this?

A fitting costume I think.

      So I had been trying to keep up with the pee spots by completely saturating the spot with a half and half mix of water and white vinegar with a little bit of dish soap. Dabbing it on the spot and letting it dry and then putting baking soda on the spot, letting it sit for about an hour and vacuuming it up.
      But I kept on smelling the pee, which is really awful, like pee. So I thought that it wasn't working and everything that I read online said to do just exactly what I was doing. The vinegar takes away the smell so the dog shouldn't pee there again but what was becoming more and more apparent to me is that I was missing spots.
       So here is my genius idea of how to fix it.

       Flip the rug over, that way you can see all of the spots where your evil little punk ass dog has peed.  DICK.

         When I flipped over the rug, I found 3 more spots that I didn't know about. DICK!!!!!

       I just put the vinegar and water in a squeeze bottle now because I seriously do this every week, hopefully not anymore now that I can see all the spots.  Since my rug is really wet, I put it outside on my porch to let the sun bleach it and dry.
     Keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again, if it does, I think my dog is getting a crate for Christmas.

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  1. You should visit Desert Safari Dubai and then write an article on it. it's a advise for you.

  2. Haaaaahaaa. You crack me up ..Punk Ass evil dog!! I thought us Dubliners had a unique way with words you Irish by any chance! Funny gal..

  3. Sorry if this is a repeat... having trouble signing in. But I really wanted to tell you to use salt on the spot to draw out the urine. Lots of salt! (I have had this same problem!!!) Then vacuum. Vinegar or a pet enzyme cleaner might help remove any scent that would draw the dog back.

  4. Haha! That costume might be the reason for it! Anyway, it’s a good idea you were able to flip that rug or the smell would have been there until now. So, did the smell come back? Because if you’re unable to remove the smell of the carpets, the dog is going to keep on peeing on the same spot.

    Tanya Wood

  5. Does this really work??? I found a $500 rug in wool for $50 and our Dachshund thinks it's a very chic pee-pee pad. He has no shame. Will the vinegar make him NOT want to keep peeing there or will it just remove odor & stains?

  6. That is a great idea! It's really hard to take pee marks off of rugs, especially because rugs are such bulky items and it's hard to properly wash them. Not to mention that it also costs a bit to have them professionally cleaned. It’s a good thing you were able to discover why your dogs repeatedly peed on the carpet. Hahaha!
    Jason Sherman

  7. How'd this work? Our dog is doing the same damn thing!

  8. I actually gave up on my dogs at one point and got rid of every throw carpet, but i love them and after two years of them not doing it i got two really nice ones...they don't pee on the living room one because that is where they hang out but the kitchen one....ahhhhh, all over again...i did a full outside rinse and dry and two days later pee...i'm installing a gate to the kitchen so when i leave they don't have access to it...dogs will be dogs...

  9. My dogs do the same thing. No accidents all summer and then when I pull out the area rugs for in front of the doors it's a free for all. I'm tired of washing my rugs every freaking day