Friday, April 6, 2012

Deviled Eggs On The Go!

      Like many of you, I travel for the holidays and also like many of you, I cook for the holidays. The kitchen can get crowded with one or more cooks so I like to do as much as I can at home and bring it along and this year I brought the eggs.
      I couldn't decide on just one kind so I made the Traditional, Greek and Bacon Dill. I really liked the shrimp ones but I think I will have to save those ones for my family in Idaho, these guys don't like shrimp... weirdos.

     I packed my little decorative bits, dill, and paprika because I don't count on Pam to have anything I might need for my recipes. She doesn't like to cook but if you need craft supplies, she is your woman! And I of course forgot it at home...

     I made the eggs and then put the yolk mixture into ziplock bags. You could just but the yolks and other ingredients in the bag and smash it up all at once then cut the corner and fill you eggs but I like to dirty a bowl and fork and let my dog lick it in between recipes. I mean he is the absolute best dish washer money could buy and he LOVES his job.

     So the eggs made it to Birmingham however, they are not all going to last until Easter, some sampling has already started. It's just so easy when the mix is in a bag.

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