Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hotel Cook Book

   When living in a hotel for long periods of time the excitement of eating out wears off quickly and you begin to crave home cooked meals. When living in a different country, you crave food from your own country and when you don't even have a microwave in own home because you are such a cook-aholic like myself, you begin to go a little crazy and get crafty!
   I love to cook, I love food and I am picky eater. So needless to say, I don't like eating out because I can usually always find something wrong with the preparation of the food I order. Like here, they take mayonnaise and parmesan cheese and call it caesar dressing, I seriously hate mayonnaise... Also I crave bacon like a fiend and can't seem to find it anywhere. What they do have here though is fast food, fast food which includes fried chicken from both KFC and Popeyes, two of my least favorite places to get such sinful chicken but here its like gold, plus its clean so that makes a huge difference.
   In our hotel room we have a mini fridge and a water heater. With some tin foil and the use of the clothes iron in the room, you have everything you need to feast! So here are few tips and trick thats I have found with use of the internet and personal experimentation.
   Steamed Vegetables
Make sure there is water in your water heater, about a cup will do. Add washed vegetables of your choice. My favorite is broccoli. Set it to boil and in just little over two minutes you have perfectly steamed veggies! If all you have is a coffee maker, just place the veggies in the basket were the grounds go, run the water over a couple times until you have the desired tenderness.
  Soups of Varieties.
Boil water and add it to the soup. DONE. Cup of noodles and also soups that you add a can of water to work best, I personally think most soups are too salty so I just add hot water whether or not they call for it.
   Hot dogs.
Again, all you have to is stick the hot dogs in the kettle and boil it.
   Lemon Pepper Chicken.
Add a small piece of chicken to your pot, with water and lemon pepper, boil it for at least eight or more minutes to insure doneness and enjoy.
   Grilled Sandwich.
Wrap your iron in tin foil using whatever you can find to secure it in place. Place a square of tin foil on your ironing board for the sandwich station. If sandwich ingredients are limited, which they often are, just use what you have and never underestimate the beauty of cheese and butter. You will need to butter or use oil on your tin foil iron because the bread WILL stick to it. Try using different meats and cheeses, and spreads. Veggies are always yummy too.
Make a tin foil pouch, add butter and lemon pepper to salmon and slide in pouch. Seal it up best you can, make sure that it has room for the juices. Turn your iron on high heat and grill salmon pouch, turning over on each side until it is finished cooking all the way through. Eat it right out of the pouch.
Use your coffee burner to make bacon, I personally haven't tried this, but I might if I become desperate. It sounds like a mess.
Put the noodles in the water boiler and make sure to stir it. Add your favorite toppings like cheese, jar alfredo, and marinara. I would recommend uses short noodles.

   Well those are the things that I have come up with. I am sure that with more time I will become more crafty with what I make. If anyone wants to send me an easy bake oven or george foreman grill that runs on 220v I will come up with more. Hmmm I wonder about making steamed potatoes....  

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