Monday, May 16, 2011

A recent nightmare.

Honestly I don't remember exactly how long ago I had this dream but it was what you some people might consider a modern nightmare.... 
 It starts out like a typical day at my home in Huntsville, AL. Ryan comes home from work and says he has some exciting news for me. He says that he traded my VW GLI, with a guy at work and before I can say anything my car is gone and it's replaced with a maroon mid 90's Ford Taurus automatic with a cloth top that is sun damaged and falling apart. The interior of the car is just disgusting, completely saturated in cigarette smoke, dirt, coffee and food. If thats not bad enough the car comes with an ugly baby that is wearing nothing but a diaper and he is dirty with food and dirt under his finger nails, and bald and he smells bad. Ryan informs me that that the baby has to be dropped off at woman's trailer everyday for daycare. This woman is old, fat and smelly. Her trailer smells like urine, dogs breath and potato flakes. She has more than one kid that she takes care of and what she likes to do is feed them red kool-aid in old water bottles, one of the grossest things I can think of. 
After getting home from my new responsibilities I cried for what seemed like hours before I woke up to find it was all a dream and that my GLI was parked safely in its spot in front of the house. I shared my nightmare with Ryan and now every time we see one of those catfish cars we have ourselves a little giggle. ;) 

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