Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its the subtle differences.

 I went to the mall today and I just wanted to walk you all through my shopping experience.
   Started off with a $1.50 cab ride to the mall, you cant even get into a cab in the U.S without it costing you $4.00 dollars. I was at the mall shopping for some summer pajama pants for Ryan and I, I started at the Gap, for me to buy us each a pair of pajama pants it would have cost $80 dollars, I could order from their website and have them shipped over 5,000 miles for less.
   I decided to go to the Carefour, gross French Wal-mart type of store under the mall, there I got Ryan two pairs of pajamas for less than $10 dollars, bought a pack of wrigley's watermelon gum and my third bottle of shampoo. I checked out in the "Woman's Express Lane." The pack of gum looked like a regular five stick pack but when I opened it up it had little white chicklet type of gums. The reason for the third shampoo is because apparently, "normal hair" means, "extra dry scalp" and it leaves my hair looking like I haven't washed it in a week.
   Next I go up two flights of stairs to the food court but not before getting stuck behind some boys who really hadn't showered in a week... I get a little excited when I see Burger King, because it's American, but I decide to have Indian food anyway. The food tastes just like the food Kat made at her house, with the exception of a cucumber, tomato, red onion salad that has lime juice, parsley and mint, ohm nom nom nom.
   Made a quick trip to Forever 21 to see if they had any pajama pants for me but ended up trying on everything but and an exceptional amount of cream colored lace. There was a man in the dressing room and there is no mens clothing... While I was there they played Katy Perry, Pussycat Dollz and Drank, all of which were uncensored. Oh and there are two Forever 21's one is just accessories and the other just clothing.
   You know that sound that you make when you are trying to get something out of your throat, like a popcorn kernel or like a hair, thats what Arabic sounds like.
   I finally found a pair of pajama pants at one of Victoria Secrets sister companies. Nothing really eventful happened there except that they didn't carry any bra size larger than a 36D. Also the sales lady followed me around the entire time I was in there, not like I was going to steal anything but more like a friend to shop with? Weird.
   Before I left the mall to get into the taxi cab line I saw a Rolls Royce Phantom painted in 22k gold... This country is soooo new money.

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