Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ode To My GLI

Your honeycomb grill was the first thing that caught my eye,

your white exterior with crisp black and red lines, 

So fly. 

You have nice sticky tires, 

that make taking corners my favorite sport.

I am sorry that you have ricer tail lights, 

don't worry, 

mommy will fix those, 

taken you to new heights! 

What is under your hood is a turbo, 

for when I need to some get up and go GO!

Oooh baby I love that leather, 

on the road you are as light as a feather. 

You always know the best way, 

to get me back home okay. 

At night you light up, 

twinkle, twinkle, my little 


Six speeds to get us there in a hurry, 

but let's take our time,

and not get there too soon. 

Enjoy the ride, 

life without worries,

GLI is by my side. 

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