Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nah Nah Nuh Nuh Nuh! Nah Nah NUH NUH NUH!

Gettin' jiggy with it!
  Awe the genius of Will Smith! Today I was shopping in the mall and they were playing a Will Smith rap c-d. Instant smile came on my face and I went and danced in the privacy of my changing room. Ryan and I had been talking about him not that long ago. About how great of a talent this guy is. I felt like it was kind of a guilty pleasure to admit that I liked him, but I was only remembering his comedies and not his drama, which are some of the best I have ever seen.
   His music is all friendly and up beat and without cursing. He has kids to think about. And speaking of his kids, anyone remember how viral Willow Smith with her hit "Whip Your Hair"?
  We all first met Will Smith when he came to our televisions on nick at night with "The Fresh Prince of Belair", and of course the theme song! "Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped..." Since then he has done nothing but hit movies. "Men in Black", "Shark Tail", "Hitch". Yes, the man is goofy, super goofy and he is able to laugh at himself, thats why I love this guy. Wooooo!
   Will Smith isn't just that lovable goofy character. His dramas are a hard top. "The Pursuit to Happiness", starred him and his son, it was just amazing, the emotions he evokes in you makes this film hard at times to watch, or uncomfortable because this is guy trying his damnedest to succeed. It showed a different side of Will as an actor for me with out making me want to cry my eyes out like I did in his movie, "I Am Legend."That movie is just, wow. I mean really, he out did himself in that film and its just him in the movie. There really is nothing else to help build this character but himself and his dog. Really a great movie.
   Anything that he comes out with wether it be something that he directed or that he is starring in, I will defiantly be making an effort to go see it.

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