Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pregnancy Scare.

   Before your mind wonders, this is just a dream. I have a lot of dreams where I am pregnant. I believe that since I have turned a certain age and that I now get so excited about seeing little baby shoes (they are just so small!) I am sure that this is all very normal. Lots of my school mates are having their first child right about now. I am sure that their internal mother instincts were playing with their minds just as mine does me, the only difference is that I have not responded. With that said, lets get on with the dream.

Ryan and I lived on a farm. 

I had to ride around on a lawn mower to make sure that I covered the entire ground.

I was six months pregnant by this part of the dream and there was a voice narrating the entire dream. It seemed that there was some kind of complication with me and the baby's health so I was going to have a cesarian before full term. 

I have birth to a happy healthy bag of Market Pantry Frozen Shrimp! (not the popcorn kind)

I started to worried that as they thawed if they would turn into 20-30 babies! 

But to my relief all of the frozen shrimps were without heads which meant they would not come alive after they thawed out but their were two sucker fish in the bag that did. Awe, how... get them off of my stomach! 

With some love and time they grew up into dachshund puppies. Awe! Cutest babies ever!

We dressed them in diapers. 

And shaved their bottoms so they didn't poop in their hair. 

And we all lived happily ever after! 

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