Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A List of Things.

   I mostly write this blog because I know that Ryan will read it everyday. I know that there are others who do read too though so I will apologize right now for this next blog however, I will make it short.

  1.  Fix the kitchen table. We have a 1950's table with all of the legs falling off that need to be cleaned and repainted and probably have the seats recovered. Lots of work. 
  2. Finish painting. The hallway, all of the trim, baseboards, stinky room, and living room all need to be painted. I really hate painting but I think that maybe after the 4 month break we took it won't be so bad. 
  3. Finish painting the cabinet hardware. I forgot to take off the part that holds them up, plus the paint I bought sucks. 
  4. Fix up the laundry room. Those shelves are gross, need to be... painted. 
  5. Finish the floor in the kitchen. Again, need to paint the floor boards which would be much, much easier if they didn't have nails sticking out of them. 
  6. Wash and paint the nasty side table, you know which one I am talking about, the one from the gross room. 
  7. Touch up bathroom and look into what we can do about the bathtub. 
  8. Fix/ purchase new blinds. I hate the metal ones, I can't clean them and they are all bent. 
  9. Stairs, oh god. Maybe we should leave that one for when we are feeling really, really ambitious. What were we thinking? Should have just had those covered with carpet. 
  10. Find new home for work bench stuff in my kitchen and under the stairs. 
   I think that if we could finish all of that our house would be just about finished. I could hang pictures up! And we could have people over without our house looking like a construction zone. Here are some pictures of what we have done.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Bathroom Before

After. Painted cabinets, and walls and CLEANED

The stairs were not even the worst part. 

This room was, I would not even go inside there. That white table is the one I am talking about. 

These are the colors we used in the house. Starting from left to right: Guest bedroom, Master Bedroom, Living room/ halls, Trim/baseboards, Dining room, Kitchen, and Bathroom.

This picture was taken at the lazyboy showroom but we bought that couch, isn't it lovely!
   I don't have as many before and afters as I thought I did, probably because nothing is really finished. Our house is livable and clean but needs lots of work. We kind of had to skip the finishing details because we were more concerned with being able to walk without our shoes on through the house and not getting sick from the air we breathed. I still think that the guest bedroom is stinky but that was before I left, maybe it has gotten better, I really hope so. If anyone wants to come help us I will make your dinners at your request! 

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