Friday, June 24, 2011

Awe Yeah.

   Ryan and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. Awe, how cute! So to celebrate we are going on a safari together here in Abu Dhabi. We will get to ride a camel, paint henna, belly dance, smoke shisha, sand ski and dune bash. Sounds like a blast right? I can't wait, riding a camel has been on my bucket list for years now and I am finally going to get to do it. But more to come one that. 
   When I was looking through the brochure for all of the exciting things Abu Dhabi has to offer I found a section for massages. So today I treated myself to a full body massage and it was bliss. 

There was only tea light candles... 

Zen stones, 

The sounds of song birds, 

And ocean waves. 

He used tea tree oil, which filled the room with a fragrant perfume. 


He massaged my feet so nice, 

And my hands.

After an hour of being basted like a turkey, 

I went and baked myself in the sauna. 

I am so pleased with my day. I really want some turkey though. 

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