Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Smelly Boyfriend, is going to hate me...

   Yesterday a few of Ryan's coworkers (for those of you who know them, Jason Smash, Phil and Black John) and I went to Heritage Place on the pier here in Abu Dhabi. It is like a museum outside show casing the way arts and crafts were done from the beginning and of course is the local hang out for stray cats. We went at night to avoid the heat and everything was closed, but everything thought that it probably would have been cool during the day time if we wanted to risk dyeing of heat stoke. So we chased the cats, looked at the stinky goats and had a jousting tournament with the swings hanging in the trees.
   Afterwards we headed to the mall to eat and grab some things the boys needed. When we were leaving we got stuck behind, once again the smelliest people in the country... Which brought us to the subject of how much Ryan's hygiene has improved since dating me. Ryan doesn't like to get wet and he also hates smells like perfume and cologne, I am sure you can see where this is leading.
   They told me about how his odor was offensive when he was in Iraq for five months, his first job and right before we started dating. Apparently it was bad enough to be mentioned to everyone but Ryan. Poor guy, lucky he found someone like me whom sense of smell is better than that of a pregnant womans.
   Stories of the stinky Ryan are all too common from his friends, family and now his co-workers. I like to think it was just a phase but he I caught him putting on the same pair of socks for the third time in a row the other day. I think today I will go and buy him more socks, I mean who honestly only packs two pairs?
    I love my stinky boyfriend!

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