Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh That Makes You Big.

   One thing I will never understand are bullies. Do they actually think that making fun of someone else is going to make them look more approachable? I mean that is the whole idea right? To earn the respect of their fellow peers. This to me just seems like a really backwards way of achieving that goal.
   Now I have to admit that I may be pretty rude at times but usually its not at to make fun of person, more along the lines of my complete lack of tactfulness. I am truly and deeply sorry if I have ever offended a person and I know that sometimes there are not excuses for things that were said but sometimes I honestly say things without realizing how much they could hurt a persons feelings but I seriously don't know. It is really hard for me to explain but one of my friends helped me with it and basically its but lack of tact. I don't have it but now that I am more aware of what it is, I practice using it daily.
   But not having tact is definitely different than saying things intentionally to harm a person. You know, words really do hurt, more than sticks and stones in cases. Those words can leave a lasting impression on people, which is not at all what I want to be remembered for. I personally like to make friends by being nice and not making people scared of me? I would like to think that most people grow out it but we all know thats not always the case.
   I don't really feel like I ever was bullied really. I mean, yes there were times some one may have said something to hurt my feelings but never to point of bullying. Inspiration struck this morning when someone made a comment about how uncool it was of me to know non- alcoholic drink you can order at a bar. Since when is it uncool to not act like a total asshole at a bar and wake thinking, "what happened last night?" I guess when you are a 22 year old alcoholic you have to make yourself feel better somehow. 

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