Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hotel Facial Recipe

    Awe yes, my craftiness never fails to amaze me. Most days I am stuck up in my hotel room trying to entertain myself in anyway I can. Usually that means countless hours spent on youtube, facebook and various DIY blogs. Also I really like to "window shop" for dogs. I do creep all of your photos on facebook and I do know all of your updates. Also, I really want Wylie's job. 
   Today I started feeling bad for myself about my red skin around my nose. I have been to a crap ton of dermatologist and no one can seem to tell me what it is. I have really sensitive skin and it also likes to change up what it is sensitive to. Making it pretty much impossible for one thing to work more than once, like deodorant, I have never bought the same deodorant more than twice because the second bar always ends up hating me. 
   For these reasons I tend to just stick to natural products with less words that I can't pronounce. The things I know work well for your skin are honey, its an anti-biotic, anti-fungi, and its really good for healing and keeping you looking young. Caffeine, it takes down swelling, and its high in antioxidants thats why a lot of under the eye and acne products use green tea. Rose water is also great for redness as is lavender. There are a crap ton of natural face masks and beauty products that you can make out of thing you can find in your kitchen. 
   So I made one out of the stuff I found in my hotel room, things that they provided me with. 

  • Heavenly Sleep Spray (Lavender and Ylang-Ylang oil) 
  • Honey with royal jelly 
  • Instant coffee (regular) 
  • Brown Sugar 
  • and I added some Burts bees facial cleanser I own. 
   I really just used the pre-measured packets, a couple sprays of the sleep spray to loosen it up and about a teaspoon amount of my facial cleanser. If you don't want to spend the money on the facial cleanser I mentioned try using a teaspoon of olive oil, it won't clog your pores and I just used the Burts Bees because it has an almost petroleum jelly constancy.  Should be enough for about ten uses. First wash your face and then rub the mix on your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes then wash it off. Make sure to scrub it lightly as the sugar works like an exfoliate. 

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