Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Confession.

   Recently a lot of my friends and family have been losing weight. There are so many success stories on facebook, its hard to keep them all straight. The biggest story is probably that of Michelle. She has lost close to 100 pounds now and looks freaking amazing, honestly, I always new it was in her. My cousin has dropped three pant sizes, my sister has lost 30+ pounds in the one month that she has been working out and I am sure that there are more of you out there trying your damnedest to loose those extra pounds packed on during winter, babies, and lazy attacks.
   I also am trying to loose the extra weight I gained while working at my desk job at DTV. They feed me fried food, candy and soda everyday but after my 10 hour shifts of people screaming more curse words than I knew existed, they were sure to remind me that we had a gym. Needless to say after work my favorite activity was of course drunk karaoke with Kat. I think by the time I went home we could put my calorie intake at somewhere around... 4,000? Yeah the weight came on quick.
   There is a 24 hour gym here at the hotel. I was super excited about it and told myself that I would loose 30 pounds by the time I came back home and then join a gym in Huntsville and keep it off. But the thing is, everyone that goes to this gym, is either already skinny, I am talking no body fat what so ever, doesn't speak English or has never heard of deodorant in their entire existence. This makes going to gym as a fatty American stereotype really hard because that is seriously all that they associate with Americans here.
   So most days I just lay in bed reading and eating carrots. Its lazy, yes but I am depressed so get over it. Ryan and I sometimes go and run at like 2:30 AM but they turn off the A/C and we can't even run a mile because of the humidity. Those are pretty much all of my excuses. Also I am not sure if this is an excuse but I have managed to lose 8 pounds by eating pretty much nothing by soups and I think the fact that I puked a few times that week from drinking too much may have helped some haha. But none the less, pretty damn good.
   Today I was talking to my sister Lana and she told me how she started going to a gym with her friend and she kind of wanted to show up her friend and lose more weight than her and she asked me, "is that bad?" And I thought about it and answered truthfully. Hell no! If competition is what you need to motivate your ass to go work out then a competition it will be!
   It motivated me to go run two miles. The fact that my big sister could be smaller than me just isn't gonna fly. So I just want to say thank you to all of you skinny bitches out there. I shaved a minute off of my mile and I would like to take this moment to declare that I am in this to win. FOOT RACE WHEN I GET BACK!

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