Monday, June 13, 2011

Running Shoes

Ryan loves vibram five finger shoes. These are the ones he bought me before our camping trip in Idaho. I normally would have worn my chacos but Beau ate them and there was no time to get the straps fixed.


   These shoes attract a lot of attention from curious people wondering if they are comfortable. No, they are not. I get blisters every time I wear them and they make my feet stink really, really bad. But I am the type of person that will wear or use whatever it is that you give me even if it pains me. Plus I still kind of like the five fingers even though I can't wear them without feeling like I pounded my feet into nubs. Also Ryan was just pretty much convinced that I was walking wrong and that the shoes would fix my walking pattern on their own.
   I brought them with me here to Abu Dhabi, intending on using them for running because really thats what they are best for. I ran a mile, couldn't walk for three days after that. The pain in my calves was unbearable and I have a huge blister on the pad of my foot, size of a half dollar coin. I now stretch, a lot, after running but there is really nothing I can do about the blisters except give them time to heal.
   After almost a year of wearing these shoes I have concluded that its not me its them and decided to start looking for a new pair of running shoes. I googled what to look for and found a pretty helpful website that made it known to me I have normal to high arches, news to me and that I need a shoe with cushion. Okay, that shouldn't hard to find right? Wrong, I live in freaking Abu Dhabi!
   I just hate shopping for a potentially expensive and quite important item when the sales people don't know their product. If a sales person doesn't want to be helpful and do their job I usually just walk out and spend my money and time else where, I think I picked up that habit from my sister. There are plenty of stores for running shoes in our mall but even the people who talked to me didn't know what I needed, I guess people just pick whatever looks good. I didn't any shoes. Poor Ryan woke up for nothing.

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