Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Addictions.

   I tend to go through phases where a I or eat just one thing over and over. The most recent item on my pallet is Kaftah! The hotel doesn't have it on the menu so I have to take a $2 dollar cab ride to the mall to get it in the food court. As far as I can guess it is ground chicken with lots of parsley chopped and mixed into it and then they shape it into a long sausage looking thing. It tastes like the meatballs that I make at home, I always keep fresh parsley around because its like the only fresh herb I can afford so it goes in all of my cooking.
   Other foods that I have been eating a lot of include but are not limited to: humus, chicken nuggets, salads, vegetable omelets, lemon-mint juice, salmon, and soup.
   I have been reading the Harry Potter series and really I should be done by now but I do this thing were I read like 500 pages in two or three days and then I don't read for two weeks and just hang out on Youtube wishing that I had a kitchen or sewing machine. Anyway, I am on the fifth one right one which is the one with short fat bitch, I mean witch, haha, haha... but its really hard to read it because I mean that movie was hard to sit through. I am not saying it was bad but it was just really uncomfortable, I seriously hate Dolores Umbridge and she isn't even real. I am trying to finish the books before the movie comes out which mean I need to read another 1 million pages before July so wish me good luck.
   Something else that has been taking up a lot of my attention lately is It is really fun, they have sales everyday and tell you what is coming up in advance. I got a crap ton of Urban Decay make up for $45 bucks only bad part is that it can't be sent here. I asked my mom on facebook to please keep it for me until I get back and make sure my sister didn't get into it, as a joke! She of course took offense to it. I am only trying to keep up with her, a lot of the colors I got she already had and so I new I wanted them. Anyway I will be watching that website everyday and buying Christmas gifts in advance.
   Ryan and I just got back from Mcdonalds and we got a McArabia to share, it was grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, sauce and pita, really yummy. That seems to be a trend for fast food as the local dish, a wrap and chicken. Oh they have a chicken big mac here and the mcroyal. Well Ryan and I are talking about waking up and going to see a movie in the morning, not sure which one yet, either Kong Fu Panda 2 or The Hangover 2, any suggestions? I will write a blog about the theater tomorrow, if its interesting.

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