Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beau Photo Op

     It's no secret that I love my dog, possibly too much but the reason why is same reason why I love anything really, he makes me laugh. Beau is a comical genius and he never fails to entertain me. Beau's mannerisms are funny like when he shivers looking up at you with the whites of his eyes showing, from outside when its 60 degrees outside. Or like when he dances in circles and "talks" to Ryan when he comes home. Sometimes I am able to catch those moments in photos and I wanted to share some more recent ones.

Cheesy Beau

Dapper Beau

Beau "helping" me paint

Blind Beau

When he sits like a human in the car.

When he lets me dress him in whatever.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful little guy...I got two dogs and im always snapping them too. I love the bed you made him from the end table! You wonderfully creative and you remind me of myself in my first home back in Dublin, when I was only young ..I had to be creative as we'd no money , and I was always getting compliments on my decor. You can tell when theres been live and effort put into a home. I like your style gal!!