Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Home.

     Ryan and I started looking for houses online while we were in Abu Dhabi, I thought that it was out of boredom and just to get an idea of what might be out there. When we got back to our garage-less condo and started getting letters from the H.O.A again it became a little more serious to us to find our home.
     I probably looked at 500 houses online, they all became a blur of horrible jewel tones, less than original kitchens and bad plots of land within manicured communities, but one stuck out. This one house out of hundreds was of course just above our max, so I pressed on to find a house that would be just as good for what we could afford. I found lots of houses, really neat one with custom kitchens, custom garages and mostly good paint colors. Surely enough, we found major problems with each one as we either drove by it or finally did a walk through, nothing was quite living up to our standards or the standards that I had placed. lol.
     Ryan and I knew what house was right for us, we knew that before we even had an agent or been inside the house. It took a while to finally do it, half a year actually but we finally bought the house we wanted, its the one.

      These are not my pictures, since we haven't closed on the house, that won't be for another couple months. It was just driving me insane, I had to share.

542 Greenville Pike, nice ring to it. 

There is a cabinet built in to hide all of the cords for the tv above the fireplace and wide plank wood floors all through out the house.

Master bathroom (le bain), the walls are the same color as the master bedroom as well. The only thing I don't like about this house are the words painted on the walls, its a bit cheesy, easy fix though. 
Custom built cabinets and island. I love the shelves on the end of the island and the fact that the sink is next to my largest work space. Granite counter tops= dough making!

The best part of house is the open floor plan, it was very important to us that the kitchen not be closed off from the living space so I can always be in my favorite place of the house while Ryan is in his favorite place. 

     So this is our house, it takes my breath away. I can't wait to have my family over, I have already imagined making carmel popcorn balls with my grandma, sisters and niece. I can imagine rocking on the front porch, sipping sweet tea with my best friend Kat while taking in the view of the cotton field. I can't wait to share this with my nieces and nephews, I can remember the first time I saw a cotton field, I will never forget seeing the snow in summer. It's what made me fall in love with Alabama.

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  1. I really feel your emotion in this blog hunni, .its a beautiful house, and I hope you have many happy years ahead of you there. Im very envious of you, I miss the wide open fields and the mountains of where I grew up in Dublin Ireland. The cotton fields must be a wonderful sight. I've never been to the USA , , having travelled and lived ..and LOVED Europe so much . ..but since becoming a technology convert 3yrs ago, and talking online to the many American friends I've made, I've changed my mind and have a yen to see the States. I think the South is definitely where I'd head , ,Alabama sounds fun when you describe it ...and I've got a mental image of those cotton fields playing in my head. :-)