Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Long Distance Relationship

   The distance between my heart is about to decrease in 6,859 miles, two continents, and one ocean. Although Ryan will still be about 2,000 miles away from me I will still be able make a call to him and talk to him in person, rather than in email chats. Finally we have a chance to not get into fights because we read or typed something wrong. I will be able to talk my way out of responsibilities by using a baby voice. The very same voice my family has become so fond of ;)
   As happy as I am for Ryan to have a working phone, I still wish mine only received calls from him and I could make calls out, like telemarketers but less annoying. Not having a phone was a blessing in disguise, also not being able to check my bank account was a blessing to, although very annoying, it kept me from spending money. I think its a good lesson or refreshing experience to take yourself out of being so technology dependent.
   I think putting lots of space between technology, family and Ryan at times, really helps us. I know what people say about how long distance relationships don't work because of how hard they are but nothing worth working towards is easy. Absence makes the heart grow founder, getting uprooted, watching my love leave on a plane, and also leaving to more remote countries, I have learned that those words are more true than any other.

Map - Shortest path between Baghdad and Birmingham
This picture shows the distance between Iraq and Alabama. 

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