Friday, December 2, 2011

Castle Rock

    Yesterday Ryan change the mini's oil and I helped, kind of. It had gone 18,000 miles without one and the computer finally told him it was time, crazy. I have never changed oil on my own before so Ryan quizzed me what I might do if I had to change my own oil. Apparently taking it to a dealer or looking up what to do on youtube are not acceptable answers when you are in a zombie apocalypses.

    Ryan dropped his multi tool in the pan of oil. I told him to move it. After dinner we went for a trip to Castle Rock but about 20 or more miles in realized that the roads would more than likely have ice on them and the mini is in desperate need some snow tires. It was a really nice though, we turned a corner and there were the snow covered mountains, hiding.

Fooled you, its a water bottle. 

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