Tuesday, December 6, 2011


    Lately I have been so occupied and worried about Christmas gifts for my family in Idaho that I completely forgot that I am turning 22 in just twenty days! Yes, that is right, the day after Christmas. It is the worst birthday of the year anyone could have.
    Why is it the worst? Well for one, even I forget it, which as you might have guessed, many others do too. As a kid I would get amazing Christmas mornings and my mom would say things like, "now this one is for Christmas and your birthday." I would think, "then why am I opening this now?" Is it really that hard to save me a present for my birthday and wrap it in birthday paper, not candy canes?
     I know it is pretty hard on everyone to give more than gift for a person around this time, it seems like for the last three months of the year everyone is tapped out from all of the holidays. You would think that who ever made the calendar would have thought it through a little better, or I guess we could all just celebrate the true holiday and not the commercialized ones.

But where is the fun in that Charlie Brown?
      Many people with a similar problem to mine have half birthdays, so that means that you would celebrate in June rather than December. I could see that being pretty fun but its just not the same, plus I would feel like an even bigger asshole asking for a birthday on another day that isn't mine. Thats like telling the Cheesecake Factory its your birthday when its not so you can get a free slice of cake, which doesn't work... I have tried.
      So I am just going to keep my birthday but I wont like it! In the future, when it is my time to have babies I am not getting pregnant after March, NO WAY! Unless of course it was an accident like every other pregnancy...  Can some one please explain to me how it can be called an accident when a person consents to sex without any form of protection other than the ole pull out method or a condom which everyone knows breaks? If you can't afford birth control, you can't afford a baby.

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  1. I totslly relate ..and sympathise. , my birthday is New years eve. .31 dec. And people are either so hyped up and going out to prearranged celebrations already long booked , that they lump you into their do if pos . ..or are skint and worn out after xmas that they just dont care anymore! I look on the bright side and see the big new year celebration as my own. ..but it would be nice to have my own day I often think. Though to be honest since I turned 40 Im happy to ignore any birthdays !