Sunday, September 11, 2011


   After 22 hours of flying I finally landed back in Idaho, I cried tears of joy. I have not spent time here in over a year and knowing that I will be able to see and do everything I love while in Idaho was an amazing feeling, I love this land.
   My mom was waiting for me at the airport with my nephew and Beau. I drove us back to Twin Falls and might have sped a bit ;-). Regardless of making good time we still didnt get home until 2:00AM, I slept like a rock.
   Around 7:00AM my sister came over to wake me up with Averee and Andrew, all in their pajamas. They brought me donuts and we all snuggled. Mom decided we should go get a cup of coffee and when we all were thinking about where to go since we all had pajamas on she said, "Well don't everyone get up at once."
   Not wanting to upset my impatient mother we all started putting on our shoes while she went into the bathroom to pee, brush her teeth and hair, and get dressed...15 minutes later she came out to the car and we were off to Starbucks. When we got there she parked the car, even though there is a drive threw and made us all go in, I did not have a bra on and I decided to wait in the car and she decided she didn't want coffee from there...
   So we went to Java and again parked and went inside in our pajamas but there was a line to the door and my mom got offended by it and we left to go to McDonald's. She parked the car again to make us go inside there! You know for a person who doesn't like standing in lines, she sure does opt for them a lot. 
   Next we went to my aunt Jenners house and I had to tell my stories about Abu Dhabi three different times because no one was in the same room at the same time. After that we finally were on our way to my grandma's house to pick up my car.
   When we got there my grandma was already in her garden picking the weeds. We immediately started picking fresh tomatoes and got a shopping list from my mom on what she wanted. There is nothing better then the smell of a fresh picked tomato, expect the taste of a fresh picked tomato. They are sweet like the sun.
   Averee and I stayed behind to pick veggies while Mom and Maggie went back to town for a baby shower. We picked cucumbers, squash, corn, dill, green peppers, onions, and two buckets of tomatoes on their own. Then my grandma asked if we wanted to stay for lunch, the answer to that question was a no brainer.
   She set out sandwich makings, veggies, chips and fruit. To be honest I didn't want the fruit because all the melon I had been eating in Abu Dhabi tasted old but this melon was from Haggerman and it live up to its name. I had a bologna sandwich with kraft singles and miracle whip, all things that I would never eat unless I was eating at my grandma's house and washed it down with a glass of milk. It was so good. Everything just tastes better if my grandma makes it plus the fresh produce helps.
   While I was having the best lunch I have had in last five months poor Ryan was stuck in Kuwait waiting on a plane into Iraq. I feel pretty bad that I can't share this with him but I know he will get a chance to taste fresh produce from Idaho some day.
  On Sunday Nurveta, Michael and I went hiking in the south hills. We talked about life, love, and future plans, it was very spiritual and felt great to know that what we were doing was exactly how Jesus intended church to be, painless. It was one amazing day.

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