Monday, September 19, 2011

Beans, Burgers and Birthdays

   Yesterday our family gathered at my parents house for a bbq to celebrate my home coming and the birthdays of my Aunt Vicki, Grandma Shirley and Maggie, my sister. They all have birthdays two weeks apart.
   We started cooking and cleaning the morning of and as the guest list had gotten larger I was sent to the store for .59 per pound chicken from Smiths. It looked pretty intimidating so I just went ahead and the more expensive stuff that was already cut up. I also picked up some birthday decorations to make the day a little more special. I don't think I will ever buy streamers again because those things are hard to twist together.
   Guest started to arrive a little early, one of the first being my grandparents. They brought half of the food that was there and the whole spread looked more like thanksgiving than just a summer time get together.
   We ate too much, watched football, and enjoyed eachothers company. Everyone was feeling pretty tired after lunch but only the littlist guest fell asleep, Miss Alli. No one sang happy birthday, I think that's how it was preferred but we had a cake, further stuffing ourselves into food comma.

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