Friday, September 16, 2011

Living With My Parents.

   I got to say, living with your parents after you have moved out sucks, even if its just to visit. There is a reason why you don't see extended families living all under one roof anymore, it doesn't work. For the longest time it has just been Ryan, Beau and me and I have began to realize that I greatly value my free time, my me time.
   Right now I am at my parent's house while everyone who lives here is at work or school. The three dogs and six cats are still here, the cats are like annoying children, always meowing, seeking attention that I will not give as they make it hard for me to breath. I wake up every morning with a sore throat and hair in my eyes and I have noticed that I am still really tired during the days. I don't know if its jet lag or allergies but I am not taking anything for the cats.

This one never leaves me alone. 

This one is named Belle because she sounds Southern. This house reminds me of my house before I cleaned it. 

   I have killed my car around five times, learning how to drive again is proving to be not exactly like riding a bike. Remembering where people's houses are and businesses is also not something that just comes back to you, and learning how to text and make calls, just generally remembering that I have a phone is proving to be hard. Another thing that I have had to relearn is cooking, its really sad. I have almost cut myself a few times and there are so many pans here I don't know which ones I like anymore.
   Cooking for my parents is not the most rewarding experience. My dad complains that its too gourmet and my mom pretty much expects me to cook, they both yell at me to clean up my mess before I have even finished or ate. I don't understand that, why do I have to cook for five or more people and clean it up? I don't mind it, I know that it needs to be clean at the end of the night, I do it at home, every night but I think they forget I am not a child and I don't take orders too well.

"Too gourmet" squash stuffed with Jimmy Dean sausage, rice mixture... 

   Cooking here is a really stressful experience too, there is like no rhyme or reason for why things are the way they are. You pretty much have to come up with meal out of nothing because everything was just purchased with no intention of using for something specific. Also, I have no idea where anything is or where it goes, I finally found the knives yesterday, now I might now cut myself.
    I have been running away to visit Calli in the mornings at Moxie, no one bothers me and Calli is really good company to have. We talk about human behavior and how much we love animals while watching, "Freaky Eaters," on youtube. I got to meet her boyfriend too, he is from Texas so him and I talked South with each other and I think it made both of our days.

I made Calli a tuna sandwich, she said it was the BEST tuna sandwich ever, thanks Calli. 
   Also feel a bit guilty for spending money, even though I spent it on things that I had been saving for for about six months its still kind of bothers me because I don't know how much I will need to get back home to Alabama. I had planned on getting a tattoo while I was here but I don't think I can, I am going to have to wait and save more. Gas is going to get back is probably going to make me cry, we were paying about half of what it is here.

   I am just getting a bit overwhelmed being around so much family at one time. I think I need to go spend some time with my Grandma soon. Her house is like my oasis, its the only place that doesn't give me anxiety. I don't think that makes me OCD, I just appreciate open, clean, comfortable, white spaces. She lives out in Castleford with a beautiful garden all around her house, plenty of space and clean air to breath. The food tastes better, you can feel the sun warming you from the inside out when you bite into a piece from produce from her garden. I think I will go out there and ease myself back into the daily grind of real life, this is just too much too soon.
People of wal-mart right? Too little, too late. 

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