Monday, September 5, 2011


   Snoring, is a recent symptom that I have picked up. I snore so loudly that I wake myself up from naps in the afternoon, I also snore loud enough to keep Ryan up all night. I feel like I am turning into my mom...
   Ryan can usually sleep through a lot and when he is waking me up, trying to make me stop snoring because I am louder than the construction, jack hammers and super bikes outside our window, I know its pretty bad. He moves me all around in the middle of the night, putting pillows on my head, stuffing my camel in my face, turning me on my side, anything to make it stop. The only way for him to get sleep is if I am not, so I usually sleep in after he leaves and drool all over all of the pillows like a dog, dog gone tired.
  Aside from the recent symptom and lack of sleep my nurse is getting, my health has improved dramatically.  I no longer have nasty white ick on the back of my throat and the swelling has decreased by about half. The way we did was with a syrup made of half apple cider vinegar and half honey, something Ryan read about online.
   Vinegar and honey tastes horrible if you try and gulp it all down at once because it BURNS! and makes you want to start heaving. If you dilute it with water and sip it, the first couple sips are pretty bad but then it gets much better and you feel like a brand new person and it killed the strep in about two days.

My bed side pharmacy
      So today I am going to curl up with my camel buddy in my big fluffy bed with a bowl of hot tomato soup and apple juice. As for entertainment, yesterday I downloaded the best movie ever, Beauty and The Beast, can't wait to watch American cartoonist and writers portray the life of a beautiful French girl, who looks nothing like a girl, go against her fathers wishes and get exactly what every girl has been seeking, a Prince and a fat bank account. How I love Disney! I wonder if all of the moms die because they were just so happy?

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