Friday, September 2, 2011


   It seems that I usually get sick right before I have to leave. In Germany I got e coli just days before I had to leave. It was terrible I was climbing up the walls. Don't drink the water out of the faucets... anywhere. Thankfully my symptoms held off until I got home and I was over it with in the week.
   While in Abu Dhabi I have had food poisoning about eight times, eating outside of the hotel is not something I would recommend. Other than the food poisoning I have done pretty good up until just a week before I have to go home. I have strep throat, I didn't go to the doctor but I had so many times as a kid I could diagnose it three days before the bacteria shows up.
   So now I am sick in bed with a fever and worst head ache ever, my entire head hurts, ears, throat, shallowing is very difficult. Ryan has been taking really good care of me though. He brought me ice cream and soup last night and massaged all of the knots out of my back, there were a lot. I don't know what I would do without him, he is really the best nurse ever.
   If you need me, I will be sleeping. Can't wait to see my family and my puppy.

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