Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Vacation!

   I got my ticket yesterday and will be landing in Boise, Idaho, September 9th at 11 PM! It was pretty hard to make the desicion but Ryan helped me out a lot by telling me to think about it like it was a family vacation and not that I was leaving him behind. Looking at it in a different perspective is exactly what I needed to do because now I can't freaking wait to get there!
   I will be in Idaho for about a month so I will have plenty of time to see everyone and meet all of your newest family members, as lots of you have had babies! I will first be going to Twin to be with my family there but after that I will head up for a weekend up in Boise to go bar hoping, hit up piehole late at night and go support the hungry strippers. Then I will post pictures of myself drunk for Michelle, because she has some kind of obsession of those lately. Awe the joys Boise has to bring!
   No really, not doing any of that but having a couple beers with my Boise buddys sounds like a blast maybe I could see some of my cousins too. I might get a tattoo there though, I am feeling really home sick, got to get my potato. Oh and hopefully the rivers are still open!
   While down in Twin I plan on crafting. My sister is going to teach me how to knit, so Beau is getting a sweater :) and we are going to re-cover some chairs and sew some baby goodies for our cousins. She got a new house and wants to show it to me and let me stay there, that should be nice.
   Then we are going to go out to my Grandma's house and get my car but also I want to learn how to can veggies and make pickles and jam. Maggie wants to learn how to make curtains and since the curtains I made were, well crap, we figure we better learn from some one who knows what they are doing. Plus when you go out to my Grandma's house you always can be certain that you will have a meal that you will remember for years later as being the best meal you ever tasted.
   I also want to get some Mexican food while I am there. Real Mexican food is hard to come by in Alabama and even harder in Abu Dhabi, I need a taco wagon ASAP, like if someone was to hand me a carne asda taco with TONS of cilantro when I get off the plane that would be better than a bag of money.  I am going to share my gumbo with my family, its real southern and should be something that even my dad wont complain about.
   So basically I can't wait to see everyone! If you don't have my phone number look it up on facebook, its in my info or just message me on there because I wont have service until I land in Chicago. Kat, I don't think I will be able to see you there because my lay over is only three hours, I am sorry :( I will see you sometime soon though, no worries!

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