Monday, August 8, 2011


   I recently discovered that Etsy has a youtube channel. I watched it for about two hours and didn't even realize how much time flied. Its pretty much a hippy/ hipster kind of channel but they do show you how to make different projects and show you around peoples homes and their art. I am feeling crazy inspired to build something when I get home and the thing I need most is bed side tables. I would just buy any one from the store or thrift store but we have a very tall bed and all side tables are extremely short.

I have a round suitcase like the green one there, I just can't bring myself to go buy legs, I want to find them and repurpose them... spoken like a true hippy. 

I super love this, I am going to table like this for sure, or work this idea into something else. 

This is my favorite by far, but I would need a lot of logs and I don't know who would give us their birch. 

My parents have these blond wood tv trays that have been drawn on with crayons and markers, I wonder if they would give me one or two.

   So my house is really colorful, I chose a very colorful palette for the walls because I just needed color and life.  So I think that with everything as far as furniture and decorative pieces go, we are going to stick with neutrals, white, cream, beige and chocolate. Yeah, that sounds SMART!

   This is the first nature project that inspired me, so simple and I love it.

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