Friday, August 12, 2011

Homecoming To Do List.

   When I get back to the state of Alabama, the beautiful, I am not going to waste one minute of my short time there. I have been thinking about everything I am going to do for the last four months of being here and I just wanted to write them down so I could come back and reference my list.

  • Hug everyone of my friends in Alabama for an extended amount of time until it becomes awkward. 
  • Make a huge Mexican dinner and take it over to Papa Hard's house. 
  • Clean out my freezer and fridge, tornado made the power go out, YICKS 
  • Clean my entire house! I missed my vacuum and washing machines. 
  • Convince Ryan to drive the Camaro to work so I can take the Mini to go to my favorite shopping center and buy groceries and visit Hobby Lobby. 
  • Make turkey meatball soup with Ryan. 
  • Have a beer with Connor. 
  • Plan a sweet date and finally get the chance to wear my dress. 
  • Invite John over for an epic meal time inspired dinner to meet his wife and son. 
  • Go to visit the Jack Daniel's factory. 
  • Make pumpkin pancakes for Sunday breakfast with maple nutmeg whip cream, nom nom nom. 
  • Make an entire dinner of potatoes, baked, soup and mash. (they dont know how to make them here) 
  • Write a letter to Beau. 
  • Sleep in my bed, all day long, live in that wonderful, amazing bed of mine. 
  • Paint the living room, trim and washing area. 
  • Buy a new suitcase set haha. 

   I can't wait to get home, I won't want to leave but when we do leave it will be to go to my first home, Idaho and get my baby boy. Can't wait to see my dog and family and all of my childhood friends.

P.S. Dubai trip blog is coming, the photos are just a nightmare right now.

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