Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Abu Dhabi Safari

   Today I went on a safari in the Abu Dhabi desert. The weather was kind of over cast which made it a lot more comfortable outside but some of my pictures turned out a little grainy (no pun intended). There were a lot of us that went and I shared a car with a young German couple, I don't remember the girls name but I remember the boys, Thomas, because thats my moms name. Also we rode with three Southern Korean's, a husband and wife and Troy, his name was easy to remember because it sounded like my name.
   Our driver was from India and lived in Dubai for 24 years and I asked if he was by chance my friend's husband's brother, that's a mouth full, but he wasn't so I didn't punch him. I should have though because he was the worst driver ever. If there were cops around here patrolling the streets he would have been pulled over for drunk driving and then they would have seen he didn't wear a seat belt and that he was just a really bad driver and not drunk at all. He would drive in two lanes at once, change lanes because he wasn't paying attention, talk on his phone, drive in peoples blind spots and my favorite was when he just rolled through a stop sign and almost hit a car that he couldn't see coming around the corner. Oh and he did also passed a semi on a corner! We almost died again coming home!
   When we finally got to the sand dunes I was really beginning to question wether this was his first day driving a manual car or not because he killed it like ten times in a row. I was ready to take over and drive the dunes myself lol. He finally got it figured out, blaming it on the new car and we had a good time getting sideways on the dunes. One of the cars had to stop to let someone puke, I was really surprised that it wasn't me who got sick. Riding on the dunes is like when you go fast up a hill and come back down and your stomach goes up into your lungs and gives you butterflies but over and over again and also much higher hills.

Letting the engines cool off and taking pictures. 

Yeah, that was fun, about 40 foot hill I guess.

   So after a bit more dune bashing we stopped at a camel farm. My favorite part of the day! When we got there, they were all eating and had their backs to us, so it didn't make for very interesting photos. But then this one camel came over to all of us and I swear he was posing for the camera. He was such a ham!  Loving all of the attention. He would pose, hold it and then move to another section and pose again, freaking hilarious.

That's a smile right?!

This is him looking into my camera lol. 

Hamming it up. 

I LOVE this camel! 

   After the camel farm we headed for camp, which I didn't get a picture of, sorry. It was a fence that had been built to kind of enclose a huge sitting area. They had tents and bathrooms and kitchens that lined the perimeter of it and then the center was a huge carpeted stage. Around the stage was more carpet and coffee tables and pillows for sitting on. I drank two cokes because they were cold and then I found out they had water so I drank two of those too. We had a traditional Arabic dinner, chicken kabob, kaftah, hummus, fattouch, rice, and Arabic baklava. I sat down and chatted with the German couple who were very nice.

I asked the driver what is it and he said it WAS a camel.

The sick car finally catching up with us. 

I think these shoes have finally found their place, in the sand.

   Since it was Ramadan they didn't have belly dancing or alcohol. BOOOO. I was really looking forward to the belly dancers but I had not even expected alcohol lol. Even though they were missing, it was still a lot of fun and I got some good pictures out of it. I can't wait to decorate my walls with my trip to the desert, again.


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  2. Your pics shows that you are a big lover of animals ,Hmmmmmm good for you...
    next time try Abu Dhabi Desert Safari
    should be your next place for enjoyment.....

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