Friday, August 19, 2011

What Do I Do?

   Ryan and I have been in Abu Dhabi forever, or since March but still thats a very long time. The company has told him that he would be leaving at the end of July, after that passed they said either mid or the end of August, well we have passed the mid point and there is news. A new hire is getting all of is papers and shots and what not that he needs to be over here sometime next week. The bad news is that he is replacing someone else.
   The other bad news is that this guy is a new hire, which means he is going to need training, which takes a long time so its looking like until that guy is trained Ryan will have to stay. I can go any time I want to but its really hard to leave when I don't know where to go or how long Ryan will be here.
   I don't know wether to go to Alabama and wait for Ryan there because we will go to Idaho for the next job or to go to Idaho and be with my family and get my car and Beau because the next job might not be Idaho? Or, do I stay here with Ryan and just wait it out? I have made it this far right? There is absolutely nothing sure about this job what-so-ever. Its a gamble, any and all choices that you make.
   Not only is it hard to stay here but its hard to leave because I will be leaving Ryan and the thought of getting on a plane alone, to travel 30+ hours, going through different countries and airports is not a good one even with someone else to help you. I honestly don't want to leave early to go back to Alabama, my house is empty, my car isn't there and Beau is gone. The only way I am going to leave early is if Ryan is not going to get the job in Idaho because then that just makes sense.
   If anyone out there wants to make up my mind for me, that would be great.

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  1. Decison like this are tough. I understand your desire to be with Ryan and how strong that is, however making progress for yourself is equally important. Concentrating in your own well being is an investment in your relationship down the road. Of course it would be difficult to leave Ryan, but in my experience the harder it is to do, the better the reward. You have not been yourself there and have not had much chance to develop as individual either. You had an experience but now, in my opinion, it is time to come home. Strengthen family relationships, snuggle with Beau and invest some time in Tori.